Solo and Ensemble Contest

This Saturday, February 20th at West Linn High School, singers from Tigard High School will join others from the area to compete in OMEA District 14 Solo and Ensemble Contest. Solos are to be memorized. A real (not copied) version of the song must be presented to the adjudicator. After presenting the book of music to the adjudicator, the singer should introduce themselves professionally like this:

Hello, my name is ________________. I am a junior at Tigard High School. I will be singing two selections for you today. The first is _______________ composed by ______________. The second is _____________________ composed by _______________. My accompanist is _____________________.

Then you take a nice even breath, nod to your accompanist to begin and ENJOY! Be sure after both selections are done to bow graciously and acknowledge your accompanist.

Singers should wear Sunday Best.



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