Students audition for Choralation

Tonight was an amazing night! 36 students auditioned for 24 spots in Choralation 2016-2017. Outgoing members of Choralation where of great help, serving as leaders in sectionals and with the debriefing at the end of the audition process. I am grateful for their leadership and valued feedback.

The tradition of Choralation goes back decades, to when Mrs. Debbie Glaze was the choir director at Tigard High School approximately 30 years ago! And the tradition and legacy will continue into 2016-2017!

Thank you to all who auditioned and helped with the process. I wish everyone good luck. Knowing that everyone singing tonight will be members of our fine Concert Choir next year means that we are in for some very fine musical experiences in our future. I am so glad you are a part of and will be continuing in the choir program.

Posting will happen late tomorrow afternoon.

Best regards,

Mr. H

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