With the 2016-2017 school year just around the corner, I am looking forward to yet another exciting year for the Tigard High School Choir Program. Together we will be making amazing music! 
We will be focusing our energy on three main areas: (1) Music Literacy – Sightsinging in all choirs, every day!, (2) Vocal Technique – Each choir member will be working in every rehearsal to grow and develop their vocal skill to create a healthy and vibrant singing voice that is well connected to their body. To that end we will incorporate Dalcroze Eurhythmics to increase a greater spacial understanding of our musicianship! (3) Repertoire Exploration – Each choir will be exploring music that spans the history of choral music from its roots in Western Europe to the sounds and styles of choral music that span the globe.
Tigard High School has a long standing tradition of excellence, with high expectations for individual and group performance. That continues both on stage and in the choir room. Passionate rehearsals, Passionate performances!
Let’s make this a great year!
Mr. Robert Hawthorne

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