Choralation Audition

Choralation Audition 2017-2018
Unclouded Day, arr. Shawn Kirchner
May 2nd at 7 – 8:30 pm in the Choir Room

What is Mr. Hawthorne looking for in a member?

  1. A Servant Singer – someone who loves to sing everything, values working cooperatively with others, is responsible, dependable, humble, flexible, and open.
  2. A Lover of the Craft – someone who seeks to sharpen their skills and grow as a singer musician.
  3. A Worker Bee – someone who whose work ethic demonstrates the joy they find in making music. Someone who has a proven track record of giving it their all to sing at the highest level.
  4. A Generous Human Being – someone who is kind, accepting, treats people with dignity, refrains from gossip. A humble and self-reflective person. Someone who takes constructive criticism.

How should some one prepare for the audition?

  1. Learn all notes and rhythms for the entire song on the part you are assigned. Use whatever resources you can develop, including the recording on our website, voice teachers, friends and peers to learn ALL notes, rhythms and dynamics. Be prepared to sing one or two on a part. Mr. Hawthorne is NOT a resource, nor is time during choir classes.
  2. Practice rooms and the choir room are available when classes are not in session.
  3. Mark your music and observe all dynamics and breath marks.
  4. Music must be thoroughly prepared. We will not be pounding out notes or rhythms as a part of the audition process. Marking solfege and counting is encouraged if it will help you secure your part. If you do not know the music at the time of the audition, you will not receive help to learn your part.
  5. Get together with others to practice singing the song in harmony.

Who will get into Choralation?

  1. You will need to have a successful Concert Choir audition to be green lighted to the Choralation audition.
  2. The best 24-32 singers drawn from incoming Sophomore – Senior.
  3. The voices that work best together both in blend, personal chemistry and work ethic.
  4. Students with successful academics and attendance are essential components to a successful group.
  5. Ideally 6 Soprano, 6 Alto and 6 Tenor, 6 Bass singers.

When is the audition?

  1. The group audition will be held in the Choir Room on May 2nd at 7 pm. Students will already have had their individual audition during class time or prearranged during lunch or after school.

What if I can’t make the group audition, can I re-audition?

  1. The group audition will be held on May 2nd. Do everything you can to be there. It will not be possible to reschedule the group audition.
  2. If you are not in the best voice do to illness, do your best.

Other Questions? Ask Mr. Hawthorne in person or by sending an email to:

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