What a night! Glorious, energetic, tuneful singing from choirs and soloists!!! Congratulations to everyone for a job well done. Here are a list of things that come to mind:

  1. Honored call time! Everyone showed up, dressed and pressed. It made a difference. Thanks you!!!
  2. Everyone looked great in your outfits!
  3. Soloists were sensational! Kudos to Daniel, Amanda, Emma, Andrea, Suzie, Ali, Nia and Maiah! You set the bar high for future soloists and you made it look so easy!
  4. All Choirs sang with energy and focus!
  5. Tech Crew were spot on!
  6. James Pick played the piano brilliantly for everyone including the interludes which softened the transitions.
  7. Full House! Got to love singing to a full house of enthusiastic and support family and friends!
  8. It was professionally videotaped and recorded!
  9. We made $1,031.84 in Pass the Hat!!! Robes get ordered next week!
  10. Only 1 hour and 15 minutes in length! Perfect!
  11. We get to do it all over again tomorrow night with new repertoire! YAY!

Soloists Announced for Spring Concerts

Wednesday, May 24th
Sing! Sing! Sing!

Daniel Hill “Fly me to the Moon”
Emma Gende/Elijah Stuck “Goodnight”
Amanda Aman “Easy to Love”
Andrea Berry “Dream a little Dream”
Maiah Goodell “The Girl from 14-G”
Nia Murat “Feeling Good”
Ali Mehdikhan “Gary Come Home”
Suzie Duncan-Winn “Somewhere over the Rainbow”

Thursday, May 25th
Under the Island Sky

Women’s Ensemble (Emily Schneider, Rylan Mills, Linnea Hill, Dasha Harris, Nia Murat) “Lava Song”
Son Nguyen “Me tôi”
Jacob Lee/Jacob Walter “Seom Jip Agi”

Concerts/Reserved Seats on May 24 and 25 @ 7 pm

Don’t miss out on two fantastic choir concerts at Deb Fennell Auditorium on the Tigard High School Campus! All choirs sing both nights with soloists each night! The cost is free. Pass the Hat will be for the benefit of the Camerata Robe Fund. We only need $1,000 to finish the project!

Sing! Sing! Sing! (a night of vocal jazz and musical theater highlighting Cole Porter!)
Choir Call Time is 6 pm SHARP! in the Auditorium. Dressed and Pressed!
House opens at 6:45 pm
Concert Start Time is 7:00 SHARP!
Includes the Underclassmen Choir Awards

Under the Island Sky (a night of music from the South Pacific Islands including Moana and Lilo and Stitch!)
Choir Call Time is 6 pm SHARP! in the Auditorium. Dressed and Pressed!
House opens at 6:45 pm
Concert Start Time is 7:00 SHARP!
Includes the Senior Choir Awards and Next Steps Recognition
If you would like to reserve a seat and show up at 6:55😊 you can do so by contacting:

Tiffany Kerns: or text at 541-513-7360

Each seat is $10 and there will be a “RESERVED for _______ ” on the chairs. All funds raised go toward the choir department. Cash or Checks made out to Tigard High will be collected Wednesday/Thursday night at the concerts.

Gossip and Cyber Bullying: Not Acceptable. Ever. Period.

It has come to my attention that there are issues in the choir program around malicious gossip and the use of cyber bullying to ridicule and tear down other members of the choir. The evidence has been shared with me and I have forwarded it on to the administration and counseling. This is not okay and will not be tolerated in any way! Membership in the choir program is dependent upon demonstrated good character.

The choir program at Tigard High School is a safe place. We defend the right for people to be safe in the choir program.We don’t put people down, ever!

As I stated in a previous blog posting, what I look for in singers includes this:

A Generous Human Being someone who is kind, accepting, treats people with dignity, refrains from gossip. A humble and self-reflective person. Someone who takes constructive criticism.”

Everyone is welcomed here. Everyone is valued here. Everyone has the opportunity to grow and become the best self that you are. Everyone has the opportunity to take risks in the development of their voice.

This is who we are:

We are kind. We are gracious. We are humble. We are supportive. We collaborate. We strive for excellence. We acknowledge our diversity of membership and honor all who come to the table to be their best self. We celebrate each other. We embrace the goodness in each other. We have each other’s backs.

We are a family. 

We are Tigard High School Choirs. 

And for this reason, I am proud to be your director.

Good character matters!

Mr. Hawthorne

Choralation 2018 Announced

Thank you to all who auditioned this year for Choralation! It was an exceptionally fine audition process. I have selected 28 singers, 15 Soprano/Alto and 13 Tenor/Bass. For those not selected, keep working hard! For those of you who were selected, get ready to work really hard!

  1. REQUIRED! Please confirm that you accept the position of singer in Choralation 2018! by emailing me at:  
  2. Be gracious!
  3. Stay humble!
  4. Be supportive of those who were not selected!
  5. Look for when the Choralation BBQ date is posted.
  6. Look for when the Choralation 2018 Spring Rehearsal is scheduled.
  7. Congratulations!

Members of Choralation 2018! *
* membership is conditional upon successful completion of the academic year following OSAA Guidelines (passing your classes!!), positive attendance practices and demonstrated work ethic in choir and school!

Sabastian Alcobendas
Amanda Aman
Daniel Au
Kaylee Bair
Aliza Boyce
Riley Green
Luis Gonzalez-Nieto
Dasha Harris
Daniel Hill
Linnea Hill
Daniel Howell
Andrew Jackson
Sara Johnson
James Kinikini
Kayla Lam
Aisa Larsen
Truong Nguyen
McKenna Matheson
Ali Mehdikhan
Izayah Moore
Olivia Porior
Alayna Regier
Emily Schneider
Abby Soderquist
Hugo Virelas-Vasquez
Ethan Wattman Oshima
Millie Webb
Cameron Williamson


Mr. H