Choir Council and Artistic Team 2018

Thank you to all who put in applications and turned in parent/guardian forms.

The following students will serve Concert Choir on Choir Council and the Artistic Team:

  1. Please email me to confirm acceptance of your position.
  2. Plan on a meeting during class on Monday, June 19th of both groups

Co-Presidents: Dasha Hershey and Emily Schneider

Secretary: Daniel Au
Asst. Secretary: Aisa Larsen

Treasurer: Carson Durdel

Social Chair: Linnea Hill

Historian: Mallory Cross

Head Librarian: Cameron Williamson
Assistant Librarians: Emerson Mitchell, Sara Johnson

Wardrobe Coordinators: Ali Mehdikhan, Luis Gonzalez-Nieto

Equipment Managers: Tiara Comstock, Hugo Vazquez

Sound Tech: Ethan Wattman Oshima

Media Coordinator: Daniel Hill

Assistant Conductor: Hugo Vazquez

Soprano Section Leaders: Kaylee Bair, Millie Webb

Alto Section Leaders: McKenna Matheson, Emily Schneider

Tenor Section Leaders: Ali Mehdikhan, Cameron Williamson

Bass Section Leaders: Carson Durdel, Daniel Hill





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