My Approach to Audition Results and the Results of Choralation 2019 Auditions

Hello All,

Concerning the posting of audition results: If you have questions — A part of our work as teachers is teaching students how to handle auditions: how to handle good news with grace, how to handle bad news with dignity, how to ask for feedback in a constructive and professional way, how to make future decisions carefully and as dispassionately as possible, and so on. It is in this spirit that the following procedures are set in place. Anyone with questions about his/her audition can contact Mr. Hawthorne, via e-mail, beginning 48 hours after the audition results have been posted; such emails should be sent to

Feedback will be provided to those that send e-mail requests; this is so that detailed and thoughtful information can be provided, which serves as a better teaching and diagnostic tool. The 48-hour “cooling off” period allows for a chance for a student to more carefully consider what it is that they want to know in order to learn from the audition. This also provides ample time for those who auditioned to honestly assess their performance in choir this year and throughout the audition process. Please be patient in waiting for a response; each email is given careful consideration. Also, all audition results and related information will be destroyed on June 16th, so all audition questions must come prior to that day.

Parents – while I understand your eagerness to act as your child’s advocate, I respectfully ask that you let your child sort this out on his/her own first. Soon enough, most of these students will be interviewing for college admission, interviewing for jobs, and/or auditioning as adults: they will need to learn how to gather information and ask the right questions, in the right way.

Students – in the case of most auditions, few people actually achieve the complete result for which they hoped. Some get part of what they want, some fall short. No one can decide for you what you do next if you don’t achieve what you wanted; it is the hope that, whatever you decide, you do so after having carefully considered what choir and music at Tigard means to you, and what you might accomplish regardless of the ensemble you are placed. Remember that every single student is going through “audition pains”; the over-celebration of good news can be very hurtful to those who don’t have as much to celebrate. On the other hand, one can be disappointed with his/her own results and still happy for a peer. Please be as sensitive to others as you want them to be to you. Be aware that your reaction, particularly via social media, may affect your placement in any Tigard High School music ensemble for next year.

I am fiercely proud of every student in my care, and promise to give each student in each choir that same extraordinary care and attention!

Best regards,

Mr. Hawthorne


Dear Members who Auditioned for Choralation 2019,

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. And thank you for your patience in waiting for the results. It was a very competitive tryout. 40 auditioned, 26 were selected.

Congratulations to the membership of Choralation 2019!

We will have our first rehearsal on Thursday, June 15 at the end of school from 11:30 – 1:00 pm. You will received your music for the Fall Concert, sing through some literature, get to know each other a bit and eat some pizza.

Please note that next to your name is your vocal assignment, and for some, an alternate vocal assignment.

Members please join the Choralation 2019 Remind app: 81010 @g32ggg and send a text message to me with the line, “I accept”. Thank you.

Some of you may need to meet with your counselor to adjust your Fall class schedule.

Again, thank you to all who auditioned and congratulations to those selected for next year’s Choralation 2019.

Best regards,

Mr. Hawthorne


                                                CHORALATION 2019

S1 Addie Green
S1 Ajae Kadel
S1 Millie Webb
S2/S1 Emily Peterson
S2 Aisa Larsen
S2 Claire Minor
S2 MacKenzie Guentert

A1 Cat Terrell
A1 Riley Green
A1/A2 Abby Soderquist
A2 Emerson Mitchell
A2 Linnea Hill
A2 Selena Li

T1 Cameron Williamson
T1 Sabastian Alcobendas
T2 Evan Rubio
T2 Nguyen Dinh
T2/B1 Xander Dean

B1/T2 Daniel Hill
B1 Andrew Jackson
B1 Truong Nguyen
B1 Zyrus Zaragoza
B1/B2 Daniel Au
B2 Dane Stevens
B2 Ethan Wattman Oshima
B2 Hugo Vazquez














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