Concert Choir 2022-2023 Auditions Set for April 28th, 7-9 pm

Concert Choir Auditions will be held on Thursday, April 28th at 7-9 pm in the THS Choir Room. Your presence is mandatory.

Students must swing by the choir room to pick up a copy of the music being used for the audition. The piece is April is in my Mistress Face, a Renaissance Madrigal in four parts. You will be asked to learn your part, Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass. It does not need to be memorized. It does need to be learned. Come in during any lunch if you need help.

Rehearsal Tracks and a performance of the piece are available under the CONCERT CHOIR AUDITION tab on the website.

I will be looking for students who listen as they sing, well-focused, earnest students who like to sing and have a positive attitude. Students are motivated and self-starters.
1. You will stand in your assigned section for the warm-up.
2. We will rehearse April is in my Mistress Face. Not to learn parts, but to begin lifting it to the next level of musicianship. Students are expected to know their part. (come in during lunch for help if you need it. Use the learning tracks on the website! Be resourceful!)
3. With pencil in hand, we will make adjustments to our sound until it sounds the way we want it to sound.
4. I will listen to individual sections, voice them and then put the whole group back together.
5. Then I will listen to smaller groupings in four parts, perhaps 8-12 at a time.

Members selected into Concert Choir will be posted on this website by student number on May 1st. Those not making it into Concert Choir will be invited to join Camerata or Cantus for the coming year.

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