Concert Choir 2022-2023 is announced!

After a wonderful audition evening on Thursday, April 28th, an evening full of great singing and the promise of raising the standard for musicianship for the coming year, I am pleased to announce the new membership for the Tigard High School Concert Choir.

286965 290918 291115 291450 291457 292187 293584 304646

305041 305065 305448 306565 307746 310360 311288 313234

316635 319616 319723 319894 320595 320643 320737 324994

325622 325997 326066 329662 336648 336649 336650 347782

347808 348100 350171 353469 353915 354459

Membership is conditional to students finishing the year strong in this year’s classes and choirs. Students must demonstrate outstanding behavior, outstanding attendance in their daily classes and pass all of their classes. This is an OSAA governed class requiring the very best in sportsmanship, scholarship, personal behavior and attendance. Failure to keep the standard will result in removal from membership in the Concert Choir for next year.

Do not boast about your accomplishment, especially among other choir members who are not moving into Concert Choir for next year.

I look forward to an outstanding year of music making, community building and learning!

Mr. Hawthorne
Choir Director

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