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Great Quote by Leonard Bernstein

“Image of Chile” Speech, 1963

“If we are really serious about communicating with one another, about knowing ourselves through our neighbors — in short, about peaceful civilization — then we can never overestimate the good that comes from artistic communication. When we touch one another through music, we are touching the heart, the mind, and the spirit, all at once.”

And that is why we sing. That is why choir is so important. That is why choir makes a difference in our lives and the lives of others!

2021-2022 School Year! Website updated!

I am thrilled to welcome all of you back to singing at Tigard High School! It has been a wild ride these past years, but we are coming back live and in person!

Our plans for the year will evolve as information becomes more clear, but this website is a great spot to get up-to-date information about the choir program.

The first BIG thing to announce is the collaboration set for this Fall with our Theater Program. Under the new direction of Mrs. Tori Scoles, the Choir Program and Theater Program will join forces to present, “All Together Now!” a musical review from Music Theater International. Our event dates are Thursday, November 11 and Saturday, November 13! All the choirs will be involved. This is in place of our Fall Debut Concert.

I am also pleased to announce that the talented Mr. Ulises Zavaleta-Berdeja will be joining us from the PSU Music Education Program as a student teacher! For those of you who participated in the choir program in 2019-2020 school year, you will remember his skilled involvement in rehearsals and sectionals. Welcome Mr. Zavaleta-Berdeja!

Check out the website for your performance calendar and other information that is handy!

Looking forward to a great year!

Mr. Robert Hawthorne
Director, Tigard Choir Program

Packed with Pride – How you can help

Hey Folks,

Here is a link about Packed with Pride. Let’s help our community by helping out with this project:



Be the hands and feet of a carrying community by doing what you can to alleviate the stress and struggle of those in our community who are in need.


Mr. H

Results for OMEA District 14 Solo and Ensemble Contest

Hello All,

Thank you to the wonderful students who attended our OMEA District 14 Solo and Ensemble Contest today.
I am pleased that all rooms ran on-time for the whole day. We had fabulous student volunteers from Tigard High School. Thank you!
Congratulations to all who participated and to those who placed. 110 Singers and 30 Ensembles were registered for the day.
Two categories did not have winners today as the necessary standard was not met.
The winners are declared below. Blind scores will be recorded on the OPUSEVENT site later tonight or tomorrow.
Winner: Sara Wittig, Lakeridge High School
1st Alternate: Brett Mason, West Linn High School
Winner: Emily Peterson, Tigard High School
1st Alternate: Emma Wheatcroft, Tualatin High School
Winner: Abby Soderquist, Tigard High School
Winner: Patrick Tervo, West Linn High School
Winner: Aaron Dawson, West Linn High School
No Winner
Small Treble Ensemble
Winner: Dockside Dollies, Lake Oswego High School
1st Alternate: TuHs Treble Flower Duet, Tualatin High School
2nd Alternate: TuHs Treble Duet, Tualatin High School
Large Treble Ensemble
Winner: SA of West A, West Linn High School
Small Tenor/Bass Ensemble
No Winner
Large Tenor/Bass Ensemble
Winner: Boys of West A, West Linn High School
Small Mixed Ensemble
Winner: When I Behold Thee, West Linn High School
1st Alternate: Fresh Pitch 4.0
Large Mixed Ensemble
Winner: Fresh Pitch, West Linn High School
1st Alternate: VocalPoint, Newberg High School
2nd Alternate: THS Chamber 2, Tigard High School
Mr. Hawthorne
Event Host
Tigard High School

Unit Three Begins January 6th

For all choirs, January 6th begins Unit Three.

In this unit we start with reevaluating vocal range on each student.

The three major foci for this unit are:

(1) Sightsinging Olympics (getting our key signatures, rhythm, interval and overall sightsinging chops up to speed.

(2) Guiding interested students in preparing for District Solo and Ensemble Contest, either as individual entries or in small groups (duet, trio, quartet, sextet, or octet) The event is held on Saturday, February 29th at Tigard High School.

(3) Preparing for the Classics Choir Concert on March 18th in Deb Fennell Auditorium at 7 pm. All Choirs! Plus qualifying soloists and small ensembles!

Check out the music selections on the Listen and Watch section of our website!

Here is to a lot of awesome learning and growth!

Mr. Hawthorne