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Gossip and Cyber Bullying: Not Acceptable. Ever. Period.

It has come to my attention that there are issues in the choir program around malicious gossip and the use of cyber bullying to ridicule and tear down other members of the choir. The evidence has been shared with me and I have forwarded it on to the administration and counseling. This is not okay and will not be tolerated in any way! Membership in the choir program is dependent upon demonstrated good character.

The choir program at Tigard High School is a safe place. We defend the right for people to be safe in the choir program.We don’t put people down, ever!

As I stated in a previous blog posting, what I look for in singers includes this:

A Generous Human Being someone who is kind, accepting, treats people with dignity, refrains from gossip. A humble and self-reflective person. Someone who takes constructive criticism.”

Everyone is welcomed here. Everyone is valued here. Everyone has the opportunity to grow and become the best self that you are. Everyone has the opportunity to take risks in the development of their voice.

This is who we are:

We are kind. We are gracious. We are humble. We are supportive. We collaborate. We strive for excellence. We acknowledge our diversity of membership and honor all who come to the table to be their best self. We celebrate each other. We embrace the goodness in each other. We have each other’s backs.

We are a family. 

We are Tigard High School Choirs. 

And for this reason, I am proud to be your director.

Good character matters!

Mr. Hawthorne

Concert Prep Update!

Hello All,

We are not going to have a special rehearsal during 5th period tomorrow! Students need to be in their core classes. Sorry! I have a plan, though. We will be fine.

TA’s: I will need your help making sure Cantaré dresses are labeled for everyone in the choir. Some are missing labels.

Program is done! Need leadership to help fold and insert it!

Mallory, Adrian and Kristen – Your solos are imbedded into the concert program. Mallory, you sing after CANTUS; Adrian, you sing after CAMERATA; Kristen, you sing after CHORALATION.


Leadership 2017 Chosen!

What an exciting new chapter we start with the formation of our new leadership team for 2016-2017! Thank you to all who applied. Thank you to all of our new leaders who will help serve our choir program and further our goals for the coming year!

Alex Lopez
Rylan Mills
Social Chair
Dasha Hershey
Aliza Boyce
Jessa Barendse
Anastasia Kurzhals
Luke Hulquist
Tiara Comstock
Linnea Hill
Ali Mehdikhan
Maiah Goodell


Libby Kerns
Maiah Goodell
Nia Murat
Rylan Mills
Ali Mehdikhan
Adrian Minor
Carson Durdel

Leadership App Deadline Extended to Friday, June 10th

Hello Everyone!

The Choir Leadership App and Leadership Application Form are now online and accessible. Fill out Choir Application and submit online. Fill out Leadership Application Form and print out.

What is my vision for student leadership? People who are servant-leaders, hard workers, team players, positive, committed singers!

Choir Application now online…use this link

Leadership Application Form

Choir App, Leadership App Form and Letters of Recommendation are due by 3:30 pm June 10th.


Mr. H