How We Fundraise!

Like every other parent, I despise fundraising, especially when 40-60% of my donation goes to some company in New Jersey! Therefore, we only have several methods that are all pain free!

No cookie dough and holiday wrap! We used to charge an activity fee, but the district no longer allows that. (which is fine!) We are dependent on your donations to run our program. Giving to the program is greatly appreciated!

  1. Pass the Hat (we pass hats at each concert and accept your donations.) 100% goes to the choir program!
  2. Reserved Seating ($10/seat gets you a reserved spot for easy access) 100% goes to the choir program!
  3. The Homecoming Dance (for the last 29 years, THS Choir has sponsored the Hoco Dance each October.) Less the fees for the DJ, tickets, snacks and decorations, we typically make about $4,000-6,000. This has helped us with choir t-shirts, wardrobe acquisition and care, which is very expensive. We usually need 14 Parent Chaperones for a 7 – 12 midnight shift. Including prep and teardown supervision)
  4. Power of Three Campaign (your donation, or donations from friends, relatives or businesses) by check through the year is collected and deposited directly to the choir program) 100% goes to the choir program!

When Words Fail, Music Speaks

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