MUSIC STANDARD 2: Reading and Notating Music.

Music Theory Olympics!
Our goal is to be super skilled at knowing the fundamentals of music. When you know them, music gets really easy to learn and a LOT of fun!

Go for the GOLD!

Start Here
Use the free app to improve your understanding of theory fundamentals.
And Then…
Use the free app available from to improve your ability to read rhythm and pitch.

Each Quiz is 10 minutes in length
After finishing quiz, send results to

90% to 100% accuracy: MASTERY
80% to 89% accuracy: PROFICIENT
70% to 79% accuracy: NEARLY PROFICIENT

1. Note Identifications for Tenor/Bass:
2. Note Identification for Soprano/Alto only:
3. Key Signature Identification:

1. Note Identification for Grand Staff:
2. Key Signature Identification:
3. Key Signature Construction:
4. Mode Identification:

When Words Fail, Music Speaks

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