CHOIR Statements of Values and Priorities

1. The personal growth and maturity of each student as a human being.
2. The growth and maturity of each student as a musician and singer.

These six values must all be present in order to have students and ensembles perform at an exceptional level.  Absence of any of these elements is debilitating to each student and to the ensemble as a whole.

Persistence: sticking to it even when you would rather not, because you understand there is a payoff down the road.

Commitment: choosing to fully and enthusiastically participate all of the time.

Accountability: understanding you choose the consequence when you choose the action, with either positive or negative outcomes.

Intellect: looking at music with intelligent, problem-solving attention, apart from emotional content, applying learned skills.

Vulnerability: willing to make yourself emotionally and personally vulnerable so that you can connect with the deeper, human meaning in music.

Talent: using your natural abilities to their fullest potential.

When Words Fail, Music Speaks

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