It is my desire to start a Choir Parent Board this year. There are many things that parents can do to help.

Parent Boards don’t do all the work. They bring people together in community as teams of volunteers to help with their area of responsibility. Helping doesn’t get your student special treatment or a better grade or a coveted solo. Helping makes our choir program shine!

Parent Boards are made of parents, solely committed to this vision, which make my work more focused, allowing me to put my energy into teaching and less into program administration.

To that end, parents will help with:

  1. Volunteer Coordinator: Coordinates Chaperones for performances, field trips and HoCo Dance.
  2. Treasurer: Organizes and develops copy for release to social media regarding Reserved Ticket sales details for Concerts. (our concerts are free, but “better seats” can be reserved for a donation of $10 per seat!)
  3. Hospitality Coordinator: Coordinates Concert Greeters and Pass the Hat Ushers at Concerts
  4. Wardrobe Coordinator: Oversees team of wardrobe volunteers, oversees care and maintenance of all wardrobe, support team who respectfully inspecting and assisting students in preparation for events.
  5. Media Specialist: Coordinates getting videographer and photographer(s) to record our performances both at Tigard HS and off campus. Works with students to create graphic designs for choir t-shirts and posters.
  6. Secretary: Keeps records of meeting minutes. Coordinates all written communication and prepares bulk emails.

It is my intention that the Choir Parent Board meets once each month to address the needs in the coming month and months ahead. A date and time will be established with a first meeting time for the end of September.

I am excited about this and the potential is has to support our students!

Mr. H

When Words Fail, Music Speaks

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