The National Association for Music Education supports music education all across our country. They developed national standards for everyone in a music class to explore and learn.

We explore these standards at Tigard High School with different levels of complexity for each of our choir classes. As we grow in skill and knowledge, the complexity also grows. We start where each student is and move them further down the road to fluency.

Here are the standards:

Music Standard 1: PERFORM
Together we will sing in concerts. Our first concert is ALL TOGETHER NOW! on November 11 and 13 in Deb Fennell Auditorium!

On your own, you can present solos or small group ensembles or bands at Concerts or in the Commons during lunch or at Coffee House performances! Get creative. Learn a song that you love. Sing it a cappella, sing it with a backtrack or accompany yourself on piano, guitar or another instrument. 

Music Standard 2: READ & NOTATE MUSIC
Level 1
Use the free app musictheory.net to improve your understanding of theory fundamentals.
Level 2
Use the free app available from sightreadingfactory.com to improve your ability to read rhythm and pitch.

Music Standard 3: LISTEN
Get your ears going listening to choirs, musical theater and jazz. Lots to explore and rouse your imagination.

Music Standard 4: CRITIQUE
Listen to a choir performance and analyze it for (1) tone, (2) intonation, (3) rhythmic precision and dynamics, (4) musical artistry.

Music Standard 5: EXPLORE
Listen to short and extended selections of Great Solo and Choral Masterworks from Renaissance to Now. Explore supporting documents and video teaching to enrich your knowledge of each era.

Music Standard 6: RELATE
Begin to see the connections between other academic areas, especially, history, culture, art, math and language.

Music Standard 7: CREATE!
Explore what it means to be creative in the moment. Explore activities around Improvisation. Don’t write it down, just do it!

Music Standard 8: COMPOSE!
Explore what it means to be creative and write your own music. Form meets creativity. Start small and see what happens: compose a jingle, a song, a short choral piece. 

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