The Modules for Remote Learning!

UPDATE: All modules will be transferring over to the Google Classroom by Monday 4/13. Check your Google Classroom for assignments, curriculum and pacing guides.

Module 1
Get creative. Learn a song that you love. Sing it a cappella, sing it with a backtrack or accompany yourself on piano, guitar or another instrument. Prep for a Google Hangout Concert in May!

Module 2A
Use the free app to improve your understanding of theory fundamentals.
Module 2B
Use the free app available from to improve your ability to read rhythm and pitch. In the module are the steps you take to register for the free app and getting started.

Module 3
Get your ears going listening to choirs, musical theater and jazz. Lots to explore and rouse your imagination.

Module 4 is not being included in Remote Learning

Module 5 
Listen to short and extended selections of Great Solo and Choral Masterworks from Renaissance to Now. Read through the supporting documents and video teaching to enrich your knowledge of each era.

Module 6 is not being included in Remote Learning

Module 7

Activities around Improvisation. Don’t write it down, just do it!

Module 8

Activities around writing your own music. Compose a jingle, a parody, a PSA for COVID-19, a song….

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