Details for State Choir

$5.00 DUE for CHOIR SHIRTS! (I am covering the other $5)

Shirts arrive on Thursday!

Freshly Dry Cleaned Robes arrive on Thursday!

Call Time on Saturday at THS Choir Room: 10:30 in Chairs, Sharp!

Bus leaves at 11:00 after robing and warm-up

Spectators are encouraged to come to Bauman Auditorium on the Northwest corner of the GFU Newberg Campus: Adult tickets are $8, Children/Students $5. Concert Choir members get in free with their ticket they get when they arrive.

Our performance is at 12:40.

Bus returns to THS by 2:00 pm

Want to take your student home directly from GFU? No problem. Just make sure I see you and you confirm you have your kiddo with you. Thanks!




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