Choir Fees/Travel Forms/Syllabus

$30 Choir Fee, Travel Forms and Class Syllabus for all choirs were due on September 16.

Many students have not filled out forms and paid their fees. Outfits are being purchased, dry cleaned for the October 19th concert. Without your fees being paid, bills to these vendors will go unpaid.

Camerata and Concert Choir will be traveling to Festivals on November 3rd and 8th. No form, no travel!

Choralation starts traveling to gigs on December 6. No form, no travel!

Let’s work together for a great year. Do your part and get forms and fees in right away!


Mr. H

2 thoughts on “Choir Fees/Travel Forms/Syllabus”

  1. Mr. Hawthorn,Sorry for the delay but I was unaware that a fee for choir was required does this apply to Cantus as well since they rarely travel as the other choirs do? I only just found out because I was looking at the choir site to see if there was indeed a concert scheduled for Oct. 19.My son is not always reliable with information. It would have been nice if the fee was asked at registration so that you would be assured of getting them on time.


    1. Hello Barb,
      Cantus is going to have opportunity to travel this year. Working on some exchange options for them in the Spring. The fee is related to care and maintenance of the choir’s outfits. We are still working out the communication piece regarding registration. Some students paid then, others did not. We will make improvements so that everyone is on board at registration. Thanks for the feedback.
      Mr. H


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