Choralation 2018 Announced

Thank you to all who auditioned this year for Choralation! It was an exceptionally fine audition process. I have selected 28 singers, 15 Soprano/Alto and 13 Tenor/Bass. For those not selected, keep working hard! For those of you who were selected, get ready to work really hard!

  1. REQUIRED! Please confirm that you accept the position of singer in Choralation 2018! by emailing me at:  
  2. Be gracious!
  3. Stay humble!
  4. Be supportive of those who were not selected!
  5. Look for when the Choralation BBQ date is posted.
  6. Look for when the Choralation 2018 Spring Rehearsal is scheduled.
  7. Congratulations!

Members of Choralation 2018! *
* membership is conditional upon successful completion of the academic year following OSAA Guidelines (passing your classes!!), positive attendance practices and demonstrated work ethic in choir and school!

Sabastian Alcobendas
Amanda Aman
Daniel Au
Kaylee Bair
Aliza Boyce
Riley Green
Luis Gonzalez-Nieto
Dasha Harris
Daniel Hill
Linnea Hill
Daniel Howell
Andrew Jackson
Sara Johnson
James Kinikini
Kayla Lam
Aisa Larsen
Truong Nguyen
McKenna Matheson
Ali Mehdikhan
Izayah Moore
Olivia Porior
Alayna Regier
Emily Schneider
Abby Soderquist
Hugo Virelas-Vasquez
Ethan Wattman Oshima
Millie Webb
Cameron Williamson


Mr. H

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