Soloists Announced for Spring Concerts

Wednesday, May 24th
Sing! Sing! Sing!

Daniel Hill “Fly me to the Moon”
Emma Gende/Elijah Stuck “Goodnight”
Amanda Aman “Easy to Love”
Andrea Berry “Dream a little Dream”
Maiah Goodell “The Girl from 14-G”
Nia Murat “Feeling Good”
Ali Mehdikhan “Gary Come Home”
Suzie Duncan-Winn “Somewhere over the Rainbow”

Thursday, May 25th
Under the Island Sky

Women’s Ensemble (Emily Schneider, Rylan Mills, Linnea Hill, Dasha Harris, Nia Murat) “Lava Song”
Son Nguyen “Me tôi”
Jacob Lee/Jacob Walter “Seom Jip Agi”

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