Study Tools 2019-20

This article gives a fantastic explanation about how your voice and your body work! Check it out!  9 Things Singers Need to Know About Their Bodies

Want to be an exceptional sight singer? Here is a great way to own your learning! This will have a HUGE positive impact on the choir program and YOU personally! 

HINT: This is the final at the end of the first quarter!

A. MUSIC THEORY HOMEWORK FOR CHOIRS, Part 1: Music Standard 2: Reading and Notating Music.

  1. Note Identifications for Tenor/Bass:
  2. Note Identification for Soprano/Alto only:
  3. Key Signatures:

B. MUSIC THEORY HOMEWORK FOR PAGES, Part 2:  Music Standard 2: Reading and Notating Music. 

  1. Interval Recognition:
  2. Ear Training:



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