All Choirs in Concert this Tuesday!

Come hear the Tigard Choir Program in concert this Tuesday at 7 pm in the Deb Fennell Auditorium. Call times for choirs is 6:00 pm. Advanced Women’s and Choralation call is 6:15. Concert Choir call time is 6:30 pm. Places will be called at 6:50 pm for a firm 7 pm start! Bring a dollar or two for cookies and water before the concert or at intermission. Bring a pen or pencil to fill out your contact information on the volunteer form!

Reserved seating is not available at this concert, but will resume at the Holiday Concert on December 10

You will hear Women’s Choir, Advanced Women’s Choir, MAN Choir, Choralation and Concert Choir. Don’t miss it! The concert is free.

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