All Joy!

What a joy to be a part of such wonderful music making on Tuesday night at our Fall Choir Concert. A wide range of repertoire performed with so much professionalism, so much heart, so much esprit de corp!

Great to have so many parents in attendance. Nearly $500.00 collected in Pass the Hat! Thank you!

Grateful for the wonderful support the choir received from the administration, with Principal Van Fleet’s opening comments and Assistant Principal Fields kind email to the students today.

Now we move onward with our sights set on a fabulous Holiday Concert! Don’t miss it! December 10th!

One thought on “All Joy!”

  1. Thank you Mr. Hawthorne for putting on such a professional concert. I loved it when the men escorted the women on state, very classy. I can already tell that you have made a big impact on these students. Your excitement is contagious and my two students love being in your choir. Keep up the good work.


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